Powley Exotic Reptiles specializes in quality exotic Captive Bred reptiles from the grasslands of Asia, to the trees of New Guinea to the rocks of Australia and the mountains of North America.  Powley Exotic Reptiles brings an array of snakes in all colors and sizes.

Powley Exotic Reptiles also provides clean and healthy feeder rodents to keepers who demand a top notch quality diet for their herps.  Our years of experience in herpetoculture and business combined together bring you the type of professional worry free transaction that will have you coming back to Powley Exotic Reptiles

for all your reptile needs.

As a reptile enthusiast, you know what you’re looking for.  We provide quality, service and satisfaction and we’re excited to move forward with you and deliver the reptiles you’re looking for.  When you review our collections, you will see why “Our Reputation is Everything”.

2014 Breeding Season is Here

Currently Incubating:

Japanese Forest Rat

Cave Dwellers


Leopard Rats

Rhino Rats

Lati X Pulchra Bamboo Rats

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See us at these shows:

Reptile Super Show in San Diego

July 12-13 2014

Reptile Super Show in Pomona

August 9-10 2014

And possibly the

Sacramento Reptile Show September 27-28 2014

Last update 6-4-14

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