GTP News:

We have one yellow neonate from our breeding of Pandoran x J-HUD. It has accepted its first meal over Memorial weekend.

Colubrid News:

The Pulchra/Lati babies are eating. We also had our African Albino House Snakes hatch.

Our Curent Eggs Include:

Hybrid AZ Mountain King x Durango/Grey Banded eggs from two females.

More Pulchra/Lati eggs

More African Albino House Snake eggs

Hypo Bearded Dragon eggs

Hybrid Milksnake eggs

We have many more gravid animals ready to drop any day!


Pandoran x J-HUD Offspring

SP-10-01  Hatch Date: 5/12/10


Here’s the latest at Powley Exotic Reptiles:

We purchased the majority of the Gemstone collection (Mike Allbritton). We rented a truck and drove 10 hours to Northern California with Matt Crum. It was a quick turn around,

    and we drove another 10 hours home the next day. These animals are a great addition to our collection. Thank you Mike.

We attended the San Diego Super Show. It was a successful event. We sold a high end GTP to Justin Ganjei. Thank you.

We acquired a 2007 female (Marduk the Dream x Cleopatra HY) from Andrew Kelley.

We sold SP-09-07 to Mark Buckallew (Buckethead13). This is a screamer. Thank you Mark.

We sold the Ultralemon male from the Gemstone collection to Brook Bernston. Thank you.

Jeff Godbold acquired SP-09-08, another screaming animal. Thank you Jeff.

Greg Schroeder is assisting with the ID# of the Dandi x Ice female we own.

We have a canary animal coming from Mike Keefe from Whatnow Customs.

Here’s the latest at Powley Exotic Reptiles:

We have had close to 100 colubrids hatching over the past couple months. We are taking many of these offspring to the NARBC in Anaheim Sep. 11-12. Please come see us!

Unfortunately we also lost a couple of our Green Tree Pythons. Bella (SP-09-06) died from unknown reasons, we had a necropsy performed and she was healthy, no small heart, lungs looked perfect, and her body weight was excellent. The vet could not find a reason why she passed.

Monique (Gary Sipperly animal), which we purchased as an older adult passed away due to complication with constipation. We thought she was a tail dragger, unfortunately the tail dragging was from constipation. She died from the build up of bacteria from the constipation. We are sad to have lost these animals.

Please look at our updated photos of NOS, he’s turning into a stunning animal.

We will begin cooling our GTP’s in the next 30-45 days. We will be breeding the following:


AK-19-07 (Marduk the Dream x Cleopatra HY)

GNS-06-03 (Ice x Dandi)

Lady Gaga GM-06-52 (Mojo x Blue Diamond)

Alejandra (Unknown background)

Betty (Unknown background)

Possibly the Turmezie Lemon Tree 2002 (Have had challenges with prolapse)

Possible Males:

Pandoran TG-06-03 (Rusty x Heady)

CJS-08-11 (Matrix x Faze)

BJA-Mv-0811 (Skyy x Topaz)

Austin Powers GM-06-00 (Mojo x Blue Diamond)

Turq SS-07-12 (Blue Deuce x Paris)

RW-05057 (Signal Herp)

We are hoping to have our Canary animal from Mike Keefe this month. He promised, lol.


Here’s the latest at Powley Exotic Reptiles:

We had a great time at the NARBC. Mark Dicarlo picked up SP-09-05 (a male from the pairing of Pandoran x Hormonal Blue). Thanks again Mark. We also have a pending sale on SP-09-04 with Danny Riviera. We saw a couple individuals from the Morelia Viridis Forum, including Peter Schankowitz.

I passed my endorsements for my mortgage broker license for 2011. It was difficult. Now I can work on cycling my green trees at the end of this month.



We were vendors at the show in Pasadena on  11/6 - 11/7. We sold a few of our animals, including our adult male Wamena type to Victor Cass and his daughter. He and his daughter were very excited about their new pet.

We purchased a “Licorice” line animal from David Newman. This animal was David’s holdback (ID# DN/RFK-09-06) from the ’09 pairing of “Licorice” and Bob Kelly’s Biak, “Big Alice.” Another recent purchase from Carlos Echarte is a red neo (CE-10-02) and a yellow neo (CE-10-03) from the Rusty x Biak/Arfak pairing.

We have started to see some breeding activity with Pandoran and Lady Gaga (Mojo x Blue Diamond), Obsidian (Darth Sidious x Harvest) with Large Betty, and Pandoran with Alejandra.

We will be vending at the Reptile Super Show in Pomona on January 8-9 2011; we look forward to seeing you there.




Photos by Carlos Echarte

Photo by David Newman

We also updated our photos on our facility, including our GTP Room, Cold Room, Rodent Room, and some miscellaneous details. We were recently interviewed by John F. Taylor from Reptile Apartment. Listen to the upcoming podcast soon at


Happy New Year! We have seen a lot of action with our green tree pythons. Pandoran has been locking up with several of our females. We are excited to see what we will end up producing this year. Our podcast interview with John F. Taylor is now available to listen to at Or listen from the widget below. We will soon be writing an article for Reptile Apartment, as well.

Nick Green recently purchased SP-09-02 (Pandoran x Hormonal Blue). Nick and I have an agreement that I will receiving a future offspring from this female. Nick also assisted me at the Pomona Reptile Super Show in January 2011. We all had fun at the show.


Here are the breeding updates:

We have seen breeding activity between Turq and Lady Gaga (Mojo x Blue Diamond). We’ve also seen action with Pandoran. He’s hooked up with Betty, our Dream x Cleopatra female (AK-19-07), Alejandra, our Dandi x Ice female (GNS-06-03). We believe the Dandi x Ice female is getting ready to go into her pre-egg-laying shed. We are hoping to have eggs from her in the next several weeks.

We recently sold two of our holdback animals from 2009. Darrin Dugan purchased SP-09-03 (Pandoran x Hormonal Blue) and SP-09-10 (Pandoran x J-HUD). This should be a great addition to his collection.

We recently purchased Jeff Jakubowski’s Mojo x Cha Cha GTP. I know Jeff is sorry to see it leave his collection. We are really excited to have these genetics in our collection.

Photo by Jeff Jakubowski

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Breeding has started for Powley Exotic Reptiles. Unfortunately, it does not look like we’re going to have any Green Tree offspring this year. We had some challenges last Summer with these animals. We’re looking to have better success next year in 2013. However, the good news is that we’re off to a great start with our old world rat snakes and other colubrids. We currently have 12 solid eggs from our Cave Dwellers (ridleyi). This will be our first year producing these animals. It also looks like we are going to produce Japanese Forest Rat Snakes (conspicillata) this year. Here’s to keeping our fingers crossed. We will be producing all our other old world rat snakes we’ve produced in the past. We did breed a brown baroni with a blue baroni and are excited to see what this combination will produce. We will keep you updated.

Thank you,

Powley Exotic Reptiles