The 2014 season is in full swing! We are getting eggs from our snakes everyday, and our incubators are quickly filling up. We finally have a couple good eggs from one of our Japanese Forest Rat Snakes! We have been trying to produce these for a few years now, and it looks like this is the year. We also have eggs from our Mandarin Rats (Gray Phase and Yellow Phase), Cave Dwellers, Rhino Rats, Leopard Rats, and from our Laticinctus X Pulchra project. We are expecting our first eggs from our Red Phase Mandarins soon. We should also have some eggs from our Arizona Mountain Kings, Trans Pecos Rats, Baron’s Racers, Mexican Night Snakes,  Hypo Hondurans, and Ball Pythons soon. We also have our Facebook page up and running, so please check it out and give us a like.

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